Z Project

The project started in 2001.
Every day a single photo is taken.
Those photographs will create the one image.

Initially the photos were taken by me and the mother Wioletta Szczygieł. Occasionally by grandfather Jan Żurawski and other relatives and friends or by older Zuzanna as well.
Since 2021 mostly Zuzanna is doing selfies using the smartphone.
At the beginning during few years Zuzanna’s face was recorded on a 35mm color negative film. Lens 50mm then 28mm with Canon AE Program or Canon T90.
Since June 2012 photos are mostly taken with digital pocket camera Hewlett-Packard and Samsung and Iphone smartphones.
En face, nose in the center, this same distance – to keep the same size of the face in he frame.
Each photo is dated. It is very important to put information about missing photos as well. It means about days without photos. Those not existing photos are marked and archived as white ones. These missing faces are an equal element of the Project.
Every day photos are being combined together.
Each month the photos are combined to create one photo.
Then 12 monthly photos are creating 1-year photograph.
The following years are combined with each other and the project will end one day.
It is significant that the finished work created during Z Project will outlast its protagonist.
One single photograph will be created.
One single image.